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In all of the countries of the Middle East, real estate accounts for a vast proportion of economic activity, and constitutes at least a third of all capital assets, in some markets more. But real estate markets across the Middle East are evolving, with huge new developments and changes in investor priorities. There are also immense differences between individual Middle East markets that also need to be understood by both developers and investors. As these markets mature, the need for detailed analysis has never been greater. The course responds to the needs of developers and investors by providing both tightly organized learning and many case studies from around the region to address all the actual elements of real estate development and investment. The result is a course that creates a comprehensive understanding of how real estate assets are conceptualized, designed, financed, built, managed, marketed, and sold, all of which are essential to making the right decisions to finance, manage, sell, or buy real estate across these complex markets.

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From an old real estate family in the UK, Julian Roche worked in the public service, as a private economist for Global Insight, as a partner in a real estate development company with US investments, and in real estate derivatives before launching his real estate consultancy specializing in global data provision. Later he spent five years as a senior consultant to a venture capital company where he advised on corporate structure, flotations, trade sales, and business valuations.

He serves as Chief Economist of a chartered surveyor in Dubai and is also currently engaged in a research project into developer strategy at Curtin University. He has published several books on real estate and has presented a range of real estate courses internationally for the past nineteen years.

Julian Roche

Economist and Financial Trainer

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