Meet the Bright Minds

Dr. Joachim Ermer

Dr. Ermer, with expertise in pharmaceutical analytics since 1991, held key roles at Hoechst AG and Sanofi, focusing on Quality Control, reference standards, and lifecycle management. He’s a USP Expert Committee member and prolific author in analytical top

Dr. Markus Veit

Prof. Dr. Markus Veit, Managing Director of ALPHA-TOPICS GmbH, is a pharmacist with expertise in pharmaceutical analysis and validation. With 25+ years of experience, he leads training and regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie Pasas-Farmer, a distinguished bioanalytical expert with 20+ years’ experience across global biopharmaceutical firms, CROs, and consulting, founded Ariadne Software® and BioData Solutions®, driving advancements in bioanalysis and regulatory compliance.

James L. Drinkwate

James, an esteemed figure in pharmaceutical compliance, with extensive leadership roles in PHSS, EC-appointed commenting platforms, Annex 1 discussions, and co-leadership in aseptic processing initiatives, currently serving as Head of GMP Compliance at Franz Ziel GmbH

Tara Scherder

Tara Scherder, a seasoned expert with over 20 years in pharmaceuticals, blends statistical prowess, engineering, and education as Principal at SynoloStats, driving optimization, risk management, and innovation in manufacturing and analytical processes

Dr. Felix Tobias Kern

Dr. Felix Tobias Kern Associate Director at Merck KGaA, is an expert pharmacist in pharmaceutical analytics and technology. With a decade of experience in QA management and manufacturing, he also lectures and consults on GMP, quality.

Helmut Vigenschow

Helmut Vigenschow, seasoned pharmaceutical consultant with 30+ years’ experience in QC, Project Management, Regulatory Affairs, Pharma Development, and Quality Assurance. Notable for setting up greenfield project in India.

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