Term And Condition

Attendance at any conference/training held by Metamorph Global Inc hereinafter referred to as “Metamorph” – registered address in the United States of America: 13848, Ashworth St, Cerritos, CA 90703 2101 USA, Reg.no.: C4809000, is governed by our Terms & Conditions. By registering for one of our events via e-mail, social media, or phone the customer accepts and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
  1. Terms of payment
    Metamorph asks that the registration fee be fully paid within 7 business days of the invoice’s issue date. Any client who has not paid their invoice will be refused access by Metamorph. Travel, hotel accommodations, transportation, and insurance are not included in the registration cost. All of the prices listed are net prices. Any additional tax to be levied will be communicated by email before issuing the final invoice/payment link for payment.

  2. Cancellation policy
    The client has the right to cancel his/her registration in the event in accordance with our cancellation policy, which is the following: There is a 50% liability on all conference registrations once made, whether the booking was made through our website or via email/ telephone. No refunds are available for cancellations received after 7 business days of registering for the event or in case the client fails to attend the conference. If no conference fee has been received prior to the cancellation request made less than 7 business days of registering for the event, Metamorph will issue an invoice for the cancellation fee (the amount equivalent to 50% of the conference fee and 15 USD administration charge), which the client must pay immediately upon receipt. In case the client cancels less than 7 business days of registering for the event and the client has already made their payment, Metamorph shall be entitled to an amount equivalent to 50% of the conference fee and 15 USD administration charge which will be deducted from the conference fee Metamorph has already received and the remainder shall be refunded.

  3. Cancellation by Metamorph
    While every reasonable effort is made to adhere to the advertised program, circumstances can arise which may cause changes in the program, including but not limited to the method of delivery of the program, changes in the content, date(s), location, or venue, or special features of the planned event. Such circumstances include but are not limited to acts of terrorism, war, extreme weather conditions, compliance with government requests, orders, and legal requirements, failure of third-party suppliers to timely deliver, and failure to register the minimum target number of attendees for a given event. Metamorph reserves the right to change the method of delivery of the program, content, date(s), location or venue, and/or special features of an event, to merge the event with another event, or to postpone it or cancel it entirely as appropriate under the circumstances. The client agrees that Metamorph shall not be liable for any cost, damage, or expense which may be incurred by the client as a consequence of the event being so changed, merged, postponed, or cancelled and the client agrees to hold Metamorph harmless and to indemnify Metamorph in case of liability caused by any such changes, mergers, postponements or cancellations.

  4. Cancellation of the event
    In case Metamorph cancels an event, Metamorph may offer the client a full credit voucher up to the amount paid by the client to Metamorph. This credit shall be valid for up to 18 months from the issue date of the invoice to attend any Metamorph-sponsored event. The client shall not be entitled to this credit as a contractual right.

  5. This contract
    shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of California (not including its conflict of laws and provisions). Any disputes arising out of this contract shall be brought before the courts of California, USA. At its sole discretion, Metamorph may elect to bring any dispute arising under this contract to the jurisdiction of the courts in which the client’s offices are located.

  6. Any terms and conditions
    contained in the client’s acceptance that contradict or are different from the terms and conditions shall not become part of the contract unless individually negotiated with Metamorph and expressly accepted by Metamorph.

  7. Consent to event filming and exposure by the client
    Metamorph may record, photograph, audio, and/or videotape the event (online and/or physical event), and the client consents to be included in photo, film, and/or sound recordings of the event (online and/or physical event) and the recording may be reproduced and sold as part of the overall event materials.

  8. All rights reserved
    The participant(s) may not copy, record, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, transmit, or in any way exploit any such content, nor may distribute any part of the content of the event(s) over any network, including a local area network, sell or offer it for sale, or use such content to construct any kind of database.

  9. Ownership of the intellectual property
    The Trainers/Speakers at all-time retains ownership and the sole rights to the intellectual property including the copyright of all training/conference materials which are written and prepared by the trainer/speaker.

  10. Data Processing and Sharing
    The personal data of the client(s) may also be used for marketing and follow-up as well as for our sales with the aim of improving our services. Data will only be shared with third parties involved in the event to ensure that the event runs smoothly (organizer, sponsors, hotel, etc.). Apart from this, no further data will be shared with third parties. Personal information will be used and gathered solely in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. By registering for the event(s), the participant(s) expressly grants his/her permission to gather, process, use, store and disclose his/her personal information in the aforementioned context only. In the event that the client does not wish to receive marketing and/or any offers, please contact us via [email protected]

  11. By signing the contract,
    I confirm that I accept the data privacy policy of Metamorph which is available at Privacy policy-Metamorph Global
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